Gyros for Heroes, fresh street food.


When we decided in 2014 to open our first food-truck, we was looking for a quick POS system that allow us to easily handle customer orders to serve as soon as possible.
Because we work with food truck, we wanted a effective POS that does not take up much space. The question did not arise, we definitely wanted the iPad pos system for our business

-Denis Sarvin, CEO, Visit Gyros for Heroes 


About Gyros for Heroes

Founded in 2014, by a young entrepreneur.
Gyros for Heroes prepare traditional Greek gyros according to original recipes and using fresh products.
The business is located in Moscow but as they work in food-truck they are present at various events such as fairs, festivals and much more.
Our plan is to launch several Gyros for Heroes food truck. We want to cover all events in Russia.


Quick, easy and effective.

When you decide to start a food truck business, the common words that come in your mind are mobile, challenge and hard work. But the most important word to have in mind should be “data-driven” and it is exactly how entrepreneur Denis Sarvin thinks of himself and his Moscow City-based food truck business, Gyros for Heroes.

“The RestoPad POS system allow me to track everything that is selling, down the sauces.
It is important to track how much we sell in total. But it is not the most effective way to optimize our business. The iPad POS system gives us the ability to understand what our customer favorites are. With this information we can easily adapt our menu to our customer’s preferences.” 


The bottom line.

Whether you start a mobile business such as Gyros for Heroes, utilizing RestoPad tools will help you increase efficiency.
With the RestoPad POS system you become a data-driven business owner. Make your transaction process easily and faster for your employees. Denis has adopted all of these benefits first-hand and is ecstatic about using RestoPad.

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