Woké Noodle Bar



“We definitely needed a system that could be used easily and effectively to serve our customers quickly.
In addition with the features offered by RestoPad, management of our business is very easy. Whether personnel management or inventory. All the tools are in Restopad to make our daily tasks easier. We can’t imagine working without Restopad. Because now, it takes such an important place in our way of working

– Stephan De Brabandere, Managing director, Woké Noodle Bar

About Woké

Woké Noodle Bar was launched in 2006 primarily for students wishing to eat delicious, quick and healthy food. Asian noodles are the specialty. Fried in a wok in front of you.

Woké is unique. Ordering is controlled via touch computers placed at the entrance of the store. Through this ordering system customers can chose from many ingredients to create a customized dinner. Thousands of combinations are possible.  In addition, starters and desserts are available. Even the store’s ambiance is unique. You can enjoy your self service meal in an environment that evokes the Zen of Asia.

Speed, intuitiveness, and support

With a business like a fast food restaurant, making data-driven decisions means having to track sales according to very specific and granular details. For instance, you have to be concerned with sizes, packaging and flavors. Restopad provides the features to easily track both broad trends and very specific statistics.“What’s really good for us about Restopad is the back end. We can break things down by not just scoops, but also flavors and individual toppings, so we can be very granular. As far as building the business, yeah it helps us to make better decisions like ‘this flavor isn’t doing so well, or we need to adjust the portions of our noodle box’, and stuff like that.”


The bottom line

RestoPad has been integral to their success and growth. It has helped them make good decisions by providing effective reports and analytics which are available to management anytime and everywhere.

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