Employee management facilities are easy with RestoPad POS system!

Keep track of employee time management from anywhere

RestoPad allows you to give every member of your staff their own Restopad account, complete with their own customized access privileges and settings.


Track waitperson time with the built-in Time Clock

Now your employees can start their shift by clocking in and out directly on the iPad. RestoPad allow you to closely track their time sheets even down to the duties they have been assigned. This makes shift management and payroll management an easy and quick process.

Role-Based Permissions

As your business grows, each employee may have a unique role within the organisation. Let the right employees do the right things. Some employees may need to access sales reports, some others may need to  manage payouts and some my only be order takers. You decide which functions of RestoPad to which your employees can have access.

Cashier-Level Reporting

The Restopad POS system allows you to easily get detailed information per cashier and register. You know which employee is the most productive and you can manage employees accordingly. The data generated by RestoPad will help you manage your employees and maximize your staff efficiency!

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