Inventory management made easy with RestoPad iPad POS.

Restopad gives you the ability to easily manage your inventory, purchase orders and daily stock-takes.

iPad pos system made inventory management easy

Easily manage your inventory items

Save time with RestoPad. There are so many more important things to do than count your stock. With RestoPad iPad POS built-in inventory management, you can add, receive, and modify inventory items easily. All your items are tracked, counted and reported. You can also track and report on the ingredients contained in your preparations.

ipad pos software made your inventory management easy

Powerful reporting and reordering features

RestoPad’s inventory reporting puts you in complete control. The POS system allow you to see where you can be more efficient. The iPad POS also include inventory triggers.  With this tool, know when to reorder any item. You can manage your stock in the best way for your business. Running out of something too quickly? Study sales data to know exactly how much to order next time.

With RestoPad POS software built-in inventory management, you can add, receive, and modify inventory items easily.

Ingredient-level info with raw goods

Your ingredients can be traced and counted as they are being used in your preparations. Now you know how many coffee beans, sugar and milk go into each cappucchino. You will never never run out of supplies.
Get a direct overview of your stock in one second with RestoPad iPad POS system.

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