Soupissime, a homemade food boutique





“When we created Soupissime we were looking for an efficient and fast POS system. We discovered RestoPad on the internet and tested it with the 30 day free trial. We were impressed by the power of the app. It provides everything we need and much more – like employee management which is made easier with the RestoPad.
Another very important point is the ease of use and learning. We didn’t need a lot of time to understand how to use the POS well.

– Gary Legrand, CEO , Visit Soupissime


About Soupissime

Soupissime was founded in 2011 by veteran restauranteurs Gary Legrand and Belinda Sigismondi.  Gary and Belinda were the original pioneers of soup bars in Belgium starting their first restaurant in 2001.  The were immediately met with success as customers demanded their delicious and healthy soup and accompaniments. Fast forward to 2011, noting that the “soup bar” had not really changed in 10 years, they decided to launch a fresh concept with Soupissime. This new restaurant now redefines the standards that they had set in 2001 adding many more choices and interactivity with the customer to create fresh customized soup prepared quickly!

The best way to manage

Because Soupissime works with fresh products and ingredients, Gary and Belinda needed to manage their stock very carefully in order to reduce food wastage.  To accomplish this they needed a management tool that would let them track inventory in a real-time manner.  Once they discovered RestoPad, which includes employee and inventory management directly in a POS system, they did not hesitate a minute to adopt it. Now Soupissime can easily adapt the stock to their needs and re-order the right quantities at the right moment.

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